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Sarah Field
Sarah Field

Acupuncture in Loughborough and Nottingham


You have come to the perfect place to discover how acupuncture can help you, right here in Loughborough and Nottingham.

Here you can find out about the

treatments and techniques

that I use and more about many conditions that

acupuncture can help you


Traditional Chinese Medicine

acupuncture allows me to blend thousands of years of tradition with current, biomedical, research. Get in touch to start your


journey with acupuncture ..... I'm very much looking forward to seeing your progress!

Keep in touch on Facebook @sarahfieldacupuncture

Phone or text 07815 760118

Here's what my clients say about me...
"My hands and wrists feel great, so much better than before treatment. Amazing!" - J.P.
"I’ve just walked up the stairs and it was so easy compared to earlier on today, there was so much less pain, thank you thank you!" - C.H.
"Thanks Sarah, another great acupuncture session. I would never have believed that being stuck with pins could help relieve my migraines and back ache so much, not to mention general tension. Still not entirely sure how it works but its definitely working" - G.S.
101 Rendell Street, Loughborough LE11 1LJ
Phone/Text 07815 760118
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